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1964 TB Summer Schedule

Seattle-Pendleton Connection

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Dear 1960’s and 70’s TB and CDC Alumni –

Cascades history is like the transitive property: If A = B and B = C, then A = C.  It doesn’t matter what variables you plug-in, the results are the same.

If the Thunderbirds are related to the Thunderbird Cadets, and the Thunderbird Cadets are related to the Cascade Cadets, then the Thunderbirds are related to the Cascade Cadets.  Everybody is related.  We all have the same daddy(s).  The histories are different.  The accomplishments are different.  The organizations are different.  But that doesn’t mean we’re not all related.  You might want to disown your relatives, but in the end, like it or not, they’re still your relatives.





1958 Greenwood Boys Club Drum & Bugle Corps

Jack Avery Founder/Director, middle row, right end



1960 Mid-Winter Competition.

Thunderbirds – back rows with hats.  Columbians – front row, no hats.

[For a detailed photo analysis, please see “Seattle Mid-Winter NW Competition” under “Highlighted Events”]



1960 at Sand Point Naval Air Station



Founder/Director Jack Avery at left



March 12, 1961 at practice, Sand Point N.A.S.



ca 1960 – 1962













1963 (New uniforms)



1963 VFW Nationals, Seattle WA.  Inspection.






1963 Thunderbirds Drum Quartet



1964 Cleveland OH – VFW Nationals






1967 Salem Optirama






1967 American Legion Convention Parade in Bellingham, WA



1967 Drumline with Double Bass

We’re not drum historians, but the early double bass drums shown above have both heads on each drum.  Some corps just cut a single bass drum in half and marched them with heads only on the top side.  The bottoms were open.  More like today’s tri-toms or quads.  Matter of fact, they may be the precursors to the next evolution in drums; the tri-toms.  Such is the evolution of drum corps equipment. 

[I know EXACTLY how they were invented; One night a bunch of drummers were hanging out in someone’s basement drinking beer and listening to drum corps cassettes and someone shouted, “Hey! Let’s cut a bass drum in half!!  Cool…”]


1967 – Somewhere in Canada



1967 – Disneyland Parade




1968 Thunderbirds milling aboutThe two guys in orange are Sentinels (Bellevue, WA).



1968 – Looks like a local Parade



1968 Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) parade in Vancouver Canada


In 1968 the Thunderbirds were on the decline with lower membership numbers.  Their last known show we could find was July 27, 1968.

The PNE parade was August 17th.  The Cascade Cadets joined them in this parade to increase both corps numbers.

The Thunderbirds did not field a corps in 1969, but came back for their last year in 1970.



1968 PNE parade in Vancouver Canada.  Thunderbirds in green skirts and red sashes. 

Cascade Cadets in red skirts and blue cummerbunds.  (Same as article above)



1968 PNE parade.  Thunderbirds have cream tops with green collars & red sashes (second row, this end). 

Cascade Cadets have white blouses with red dickies and no sashes (front row, this end).

[You know you’re in The Great White North when you see Export “A” cigarette ads] 







The Thunderbirds did not field a corps in 1969.

They went through a re-organization that relocated the entire corps 16-miles north of Seattle to Lynnwood, WA






  1970 Optirama Program