September 9, 1960 American Legion Show in Port Angeles, WA




June 11, 1961 American Legion Show in Chehalis, WA



1963 Seattle Thunderbirds Mid-Winter Competition



1964 Seattle Thunderbirds Mid-Winter Competition



Won by the Seattle Thunderbirds



1967 Shamrocks Show

(First “Music in Motion” show was in 1960)



1969 VFW Show won by the Seattle Imperials




1972 VFW Show




1972 Rangers Show won by the Velvet Knights from Pasadena CA




1973 NWDCA Championships

A-Division Winner: Spokane Patriots.  B-Division Winner: Seattle Cascades




1973 California



1973 Wyoming













1974 Black Watch Show won by the Black Watch




1975 Washington State VFW Championships




1975 Imperials Show




1975 DCW Championships




1976 Cascades Show

A-Division winner: Velvet Knights, Pasadena CA.  B-Division winner: Renaissance, Spokane WA





1977 Cascades Winter Show with the Blue Devils


















July 1980