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Longview-Kelso Drum & Bugle Corps 14, 26

Established: 1953.  All-boy corps.

AKA: “L-K Corps” and “Longview-Kelso Boy Scout Drum & Bugle Corps

Director/Founder: Roy R. “Bobby” Briggs.

(See 1951 Everett VFW Corps on the “Pre-1960 Corps” page)

Co-Founder: Leonard Price

1961: Went co-ed.  Added color guard.

1965: Went to Washington DC to participate in President Johnson’s inauguration parade.

1966: Changed name to the “Mustangs”

DCX show scores for 1965 listed as “Mustangs” should be “L-K Corps”.

(See Footnote-26 for URL of parade footage of the LK Corps)

Photo: 1962







Mustangs – Longview-Kelso, WA

Established: 1966 (formerly the “L-K Corps”)

Director/Founder: Roy R. “Bobby” Briggs

Last Documentation: 1973 NWDCA Championship show program (non-competing member)

Disbanded: End of 1975.  End of the Bobby Briggs era.

DCX show scores for 1965 listed as “Mustangs” should be “L-K Corps”.

Photo: 1966






The Who? – Longview-Kelso, WA

Established : April 1976 (formerly the “Mustangs“)

Director: William Perkins (See Mariners, Sunsetters, and Marauders)

Disbanded: End of 1977, Morphed into the Marauders.









Marauders – Longview-Kelso, WA 5

Established: 1978 (formerly “The Who?“)

Manager: Fred Lopez (See Hurricanes Sr, 1970 Thunderbirds

Director: William Perkins (see The Who?, Mariners, and Sunsetters)

Home Show: Music in Motion ( See Shamrocks)

Disbanded: 1994 5  

Highest DCI ranking: 1992 Division-1 Semi-Finals, 17th 

Need photo.






Spartans – Vancouver, WA

Established: 1968 5

Director: Bill Steiner (1970 – 1984)

Manager: Wally Unrein (1971)

1976: 14 Oregon Crusaders joined the Spartans. 

The O.C. did not field a corps that year 44

Last Documentation: February 1994 Winter Guard

Highest DCI Ranking: 1987 Open Class Semi-Finals, 23rd

Disbanded: Early 1994

Photo: 1970s at Salem Optirama