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Portland Hawks – Portland, OR 1, 5

Established: March 1959 as the Hawthorne Boosters of Portland

1960: Name change to Hawthorne Hawks All-Boy Drum Corps

Director: 1959 – 1963 Bruce Plumb

      1964 – 1967 Clete Smith

Manager: Phil York (1964)

1963: Now known as the Hawks of Oregon

1966 & 1968: NWDCA B-Division Champions

1966: Went co-ed 49

1971: NWDCA A-Division Champions

1974: Last Field Show

1975: Merged with the Portland Royal Lancers to form the Third Regiment

Home Show: “Sound off”

Sponsored by:

1959 – Portland’s Hawthorne District Businessmen’s Association.  Hence – Hawthorne Hawks

1961 – Hawks Parents Club and The Portland Police VFW Post #2807 D&BC and the Portland Leathernecks Sr. D&BC American Legion Post #1691





Royal Lancers – Portland, OR 1, 5

Established: September 9, 1963, as the Royal Legion Lancers

Founded by: Tom & Bob Chenoweth, Chuck Waples, Bruce Plumb

All founders were former Hawthorn Hawks.

Director: Bruce Plumb

Manager: John Bettger (1964)

1965: Early.  Name change to Royal Lancers 2

1965: March 21st – Merged with the Optimist Flamingos

to form the Flamingo-Lancers20

1974: Last Field Show

1975: Merged with the Portland Hawks to form the Third Regiment

Home show: “Big Sound”

Photo: 1972




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Third Regiment – Portland, OR 5

Established: 1975,

Merger of the Portland Hawks and the Portland Royal Lancers

Last Documentation: 1978

Disbanded: unknown






The Flamingos – Salem, OR 1

Established: April 1959 as The Sons of the American Legion

AKA: The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 136

Sponsored by the American Legion Post #136 of Salem

All boy corps.

Manager: Ron Terry & Joseph Morecraft (1964)

1962 (April): Name change to The Optimist Flamingos. 

Now sponsored by the Optimist Club of Salem

1962: Went co-ed.  Added all girl color guard.

1964: First year of the very successful “Opti-rama” winter show.

1965: Merged with the Portland Royal Legion Lancers to form the Flamingo-Lancers20

1966: Name changed to The Flamingos

1975: Now known as the Argonauts

Home Show: “Opti-rama”

Last Field Show: 1974





Flamingo-Lancers – Portland, OR

Established: March 21, 1965

Director: Bruce Plumb (Royal Lancers Director)

Manager: Courtney Jones (Flamingos Director)

“Un-merged”: End of 1965

The purpose of the 1965 merger of the Portland Royal Lancers and the Salem

Flamingos was to create a larger corps to participate in the American Legion

National Championships held in Portland Oregon on August 21-22, 1965 






Escadrille – Salem, OR

Established: 1972

Feeder corps to the Flamingos

May 5, 1971 Statesman Journal article “The Flamingo Chicks”

Last Documentation: 1973

Disbanded: Unknown

Photo: 1973








Argonauts – Salem, OR

Established: 1975

Rebranded/reformulated Flamingos Drum Corps

1978 & 1979: Did not field a corps

Last Documentation: 1987

Disbanded: Multiple times. The last in 1996.

Highest DCI ranking:

1977 Open Class Prelims, 22nd

1985 Open Class Semi-Finals, 22nd







Mariners – Astoria, OR 48

Established: 1960.

Manager: George Bingham

Drill Instructor: Bill Perkins (see the Sunsetters, The Who?, and the Marauders)

1961 Oregon State VFW Junior Champions

1962 Oregon State American Legion Jr Champions

1962 Oregon State Eagles Jr Champions

Last Documentation: 1965 Salem Optirama

Disbanded: 1965

Photo: December 18, 1963 – Drum Corps News



The Mariners folded in 1965 and the Sunsetters were established in 1966 with some

of the same instructional staff.  There must be story here someplace.

Contact the webmaster if you have the nitty-gritty.




Sunsetters – Astoria, OR 5

Established: July 1966

Manager: Bill Perkins (see the Mariners, The Who?, and the Marauders)

First Field Show: 1969

1970: NWDCA C-Division Champions

Last Field Show:    1972 NWDCA Championships,

1974 The Big Sound (verification needed).

Last Documentation: 1973 Optirama, saber duet & quartet

Disbanded: 1973 & 1974


 Future uniforms for “The WHO?” in Longview, WA 32







Challengers – Sheridan, OR

Established: 1972

Director: Tom Holland, WA Andrews

Coordinator: Jim Massey

Horn Instructor: Larry Plumb

Last Documentation: 1973 13

Disbanded: Early 1974 (verification needed)

Photo: 1972?









Imperial Cadets – Portland, OR

Established: October 1964

Last Field Show: 1972

1973: Merged with the Oregon Crusaders to form the Dickinson’s Imperial Crusaders

Home Show: “Chrome Circus”

Disbanded: End of season 1973

Photo: 1969










Oregon Crusaders – Oregon City, OR 5, 21

Established: 1971

AKA: Oregon 1st Militia Crusaders

Founders: Brothers Ron & David Jones

1971: Inaugural year.  No field show.  Color guard competitions only.

1972: Name change to Dickinson’s Oregon Crusaders 21

1973: Merged with the Imperial Cadets to form the Dickinson’s Imperial Crusaders

1974: Name change from Dickinson’s Imperial Crusaders

back to the Oregon Crusaders 12, 5

1976: Did not field a corps.  14 members joined the Vancouver Spartans 44

1977: Back on the field again.

Last Documentation of original corps: 1977



Oregon Crusaders – 1999 and Beyond

1999: A new corps – the Southern Oregon Crusaders were created in Medford Oregon.

This corps is distinct from the original Oregon Crusaders established by the Jones brothers in 1971.  





Dickinson’s Imperial Crusaders – West Linn, OR

Merger of the Dickinson’s Oregon Crusaders & the Imperial Cadets

Established: 1973

1973: Only season to field a corps







Knights of Pythias – Roseburg, OR

Established: 1941 – 1946 as the “Pepsi-Cola Girls

Re-established: 1947 Sponsored by the Knights of Pythias Lodge

Sponsor: Knights of Pythias Alpha Lodge No. 47 of Roseburg OR

Director: Bill Black

All-girl corps

Last Documentation: 1968 Oregon Parade

Disbanded: Sometime after 1968

Colors: Blue & White









MacLaren Boys School – Woodburn, OR

Established: May 28, 1958

Director: Hal Beyers.  Music director at North Marion HS

Last Documentation: June 29, 1968

Colors: Yellow & black

This is/was a reform school for boys in Woodburn Oregon. It is now called a “Youth Correctional Facility”.