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Allegiance Elite – Calgary, ALB Canada

Established: 1987

Founder: Unknown

1993 & 1997 Canadian National Champions

2004: Merged with the “Edmonton Strutters” to form the “Fusion”

2005: Split from the Strutters.  “Allegiance Elite” again.

Disbanded: Unknown









Brassmen – Bellingham / Ferndale, WA

Established: Originally in 1973

AKA: The Brassmen of Whatcom County

Director: 1973, 1978-83 Mel Hansen – Director, Ferndale HS Golden Eagles band.

Director: 1984-89 Tom Flanik

1973 & 1978: Started and disbanded the same year.

1981: Restarted but died again at the end of the 1982 season.

1983: Restarted again.

1984: Win NWDCA C-Division title

April 19, 1985: Merged with the Pacificaires from Surrey BC Canada.

1987: “Un-merged” from the Pacificaires

1989: Last known documentation

Photo: 1984

[On March 4, 1978, The Pacificaires D&BC were formed in Surrey BC Canada.  In 1980, they changed their format to a “district band” (non-drum corps).  In 1985 they merge with the Brassmen of Whatcom County to form the very first international Drum & bugle Corps in North America]





Northern Lights – Auburn, WA

Established: November 1989, based in Federal Way / South King County

Some documentation lists this corps as a “Seattle” corps.

Founder: Joanne Gelder

Years of Operation: 1989 – 1998 est.

Equipment & uniforms furnished by the Brassmen of Bellingham (Ferndale), WA


NOTE – This organization is not the same as the “Northern Lights Youth Foundation”

of Longview that supported the Marauders D&BC.









NW Venture – Langley, WA

SENIOR Drum & Bugle Corps

Established: 1999

Founders: Tom Flanik (Brassmen) and Frank Jacobson 

Drum Instructor: Jim Nevermann (Sentinels 1967 – 70)

Years of Operation: 1999 – 2003 est.










Olympians – Olympia, WA

Established: Unknown

Founder: Unknown

First Documentation: November 1983 Veteran’s Day Celebration

Years of Operation: 1983 – 1984 est.








Oregon Crusaders – Portland, OR.  1999 and Beyond

AKA: Southern Oregon Crusaders – Medford, OR

Established: 1999

Founder: Rick Wise

2001 Executive Director: Bill Perkins (see Astoria Mariners & Sunsetters, Longview-Kelso “The Who”, and Longview Marauders) 4

2001: Name changed to “Oregon Crusaders“.  Relocated the corps from southern Oregon (Medford) to Portland in the north.

Highest DCI ranking:

2013 World Class Semi-Finals, 17th

2015 World Class Semi-Finals, 17th

Disbanded: 2019

Photo: 2016


This corps is distinct from the original Oregon Crusaders established by the Jones brothers in 1971.  

For more information on the original corps, select the “Western Oregon Corps” link in the header above.







Pacific Alliance – Seattle, WA

SENIOR Drum Corps

Established: Mid-Late 1980s

Founder / Director: Unknown

Earliest Documentation: 1987

Originated in the late 1980s in Bremerton Washington and have since gradually migrated their base of operations and the majority of their membership to Seattle.  This senior parade corps currently has no color guard or horn line, just a drum line consisting of snares, multi-tenors, bass, and cymbals.

Members typically marched with Seattle and Bremerton area junior drum corps.

Last Known Appearance: Still Active

Photo: 2019







Pierce Rivermen – Tacoma (Pierce County), WA

Established: October 1983

Founder / Director: Dan Anderson (See Auburn Black Watch)

Show: “Tournament of Drums”

Years of Operation: 1983 – 1984 est.

1985: Dan Anderson passes away.  Age 36.

Photo: 1984