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As corps members in the 70’s, we marched a lot of parades; I mean we marched an easy 10 or more parades a year.  It was an avenue to raise cash and sometimes it was a prerequisite for entering that evening’s show.  

At the local parades, we always saw them.  We knew them by sight.  Their uniforms were every bit as unique as ours.  They looked sharp and their marching drills were superb.  Drum Corps and Drill Teams were cut from the same cloth.  We grew up in the same neighborhoods, went to the same schools, and we all strived to be the very best.



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1962 Filipino Youth Program

1966 Ballard Girls

1969 Seattle Drill Team Association Directory

Ballard Eagles

La Senoritas

North Queens

Seattle Chinese Community


There is more Drill Team information inside some of the early 1960s show programs

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June 1965





August 13, 1966.  Ballard Eagles in Chehalis, WA







October 23, 1972.  The Daily Chronicle (Lewis & Thurston Counties)



July 22, 1973

Washington State American Legion Championships in Bellingham