Pacific Northwest All-Girl Corps

Since the Civil War, drum corps have been a male dominated militaristic activity.  When the American Legion and VFW were formed early in the 20th century, the wives of those belonging to the AL & VFW, while not allowed to march with their husbands, were allowed to form “Auxiliary” drum corps and drill teams at those posts.  Sexist by today’s standards, it was the norm at the time. 

Drum corps continued to be mostly segregated in this manner until the early-mid 1960’s.  For example:  The Seattle Thunderbirds went co-ed in 1959, The Shamrocks in 1961, The Flamingos in 1962, and The Columbians in 1966.  All of these corps, and more, started life as all-boy corps.

Meanwhile, up north in Canada, the segregation of some male / female drum corps continued into the 1970’s. 

While almost all early local drum corps were all-male at inception, there were All-Girl drum corps competing in the Pacific Northwest.  


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Canadian Corps



Alberta Girls – Edmonton, Alberta

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

Established: 1970

Founded by: Bob Nagel

Last Documentation: 1975 

Highest DCI Ranking: 1975 All-Girl Prelims, 7th Place

Disbanded: 1977

See Canadian Confusion















Edmonton All-Girl Drum & Bugle Band (D&BB) – Edmonton, Alberta

Junior Drum & Bugle Band – Concert-C instruments

Established: September 1966

Founded by: Bob Nagel


Bob Nagel (1966 – 1969).  In 1970 Mr. Nagel founded the Alberta All-Girl D&BB

Don Harris (1970 – ?)

1975: Changed name to: Edmonton All-Girl Marching Ambassadors

Disbanded: 2000

See Canadian Confusion







Cranbrook HS Girls Bugle Band – Cranbrook, British Columbia

Junior Drum & Bugle Band – Concert-C instruments

Established: 1941

Founder: Charlie “Pop” Price

Director: Joyce Metcalfe (1952 – 1967)

Music Director: Bob Nagel (1961)

Eight-Time winners of the T. Eaton Trophy at the Calgary Stampede band contest.

Last Known Documentation: November 1975 Grey Cup (Football) Parade

Disbanded: End of 1975

Photo: Late 1950s





Red & White Aires – Calgary, Alberta

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

Established: October 1970

Director: Don Brown (1973)

First Field Show: 1972

Last Documentation: 1973

1974: Went co-ed & changed name to Calgary Cavaliers

Photo: 1973





Vernon Girls Cadet Band – Vernon, BC Canada

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

AKA: 1955 Vernon Girls Cadet Trumpet Band

          1957 Vernon Girls Trumpet Band

Corps Established: Unknown

Earliest Documentation: 1952 Pacific National Exhibition Parade (Vancouver BC, Canada)

Manager / Director: Robert (Bob) Hodgson.  AKA: Sgt Maj R.W. Hodgson

Drum Major: 1955 – Phyllis Hodgson

1957: Renamed the Vernon Girls Trumpet Band

Last Documentation: 1964 May Day Parade (Canada)

Disbanded: Unknown

Uniforms: 1959 Gold.  

Photo: 1959 Seafair Grande Parade (Seattle)


Please note – In Canada they used to call a drum corps a “band”.  Confusing?  Yes.

The Vernon Girls did march a field show, and did so locally at least twice in 1962.



Washington Corps



Daughters of Spanish-American War Veterans – Seattle, Washington

Junior Drum Corps

Sponsored by: Spanish-American War Veterans, Fortson-Thygesen Camp No. 2

Known years of existence: 1933 – 1938

Photo: 1938









Spokane American Legion Post #9 Auxiliary Corps

SENIOR Drum & Bugle Corps

Known years of existence 1927 – 1940

[More data to follow]

Photo: 1934










Spokane VFW Post #51 Auxiliary Corps – Spokane Washington

SENIOR Drum & Bugle Corps

Known years of existence: 1934

Manager: Unknown

Last Documentation: 1934

Photo: 1934









Daughters of Spanish-American War Veterans – Tacoma, Washington

Junior Drum Corps

Sponsored by: Spanish-American War Veterans, John R. Thompson Camp No.1

Known years of existence: 1933 – 1940

Manager / Director: J. H. Kelly

Photo: 1938










Walla Walla Girls – Walla Walla, Washington

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

Corps Established: 1934

Sponsored by: The Walla Walla YWCA

Formerly Known as: The YWCA Drum and Bugle Corps

Director: Lloyd Lofthus (1934)

President & Drum Majorette: Lucille Hill (1941)

1935: Name changed to – Walla Walla Girls Drum & Bugle Corps

Mid-1935: Now an unsponsored, self-supporting organization. 

Last Documentation: 1949

Disbanded: Unknown

Colors: Blue skirts and White tops

Photo: 1934


Oregon Corps


Anchor Girls – Astoria, Oregon

SENIOR American Legion Auxiliary D&BC

American Legion Post #12, Astoria OR

Auxiliary Established: 1922

Earliest Documentation: August 1935 State Legion Convention

Director / Manager: Unknown

Last Documentation: August 1940 Astoria Parade

Disbanded: Unknown

Uniforms: Described as “The Nattiest” in 1936.

Article: July 27, 1936








Girl Scout Drum Corps – Eugene, Oregon

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

Corps Established: Early 1928

Sponsored by:

American Legion Post # 83 Auxiliary, Eugene OR

and The Girl Scouts of America


Mrs. S.S. George (Legion Auxiliary)

Mrs. Arnold Schrup (Girl Scouts Director)

Instructor: Thomas Powers

Last Documentation: February 1932 Eugene Guard ad

Disbanded: Unknown

Photo: 1928





Klamath Falls Eagles Aux – Klamath Falls, Oregon

Senior Drum & Bugle Corps

Established: 1935

Sponsored by: Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) Aerie #2090

First Eagles Aux DC in Oregon

Director: Joe Sollenberger

Oregon State Eagles Champions in 1940

Last Documentation: 1951 Eagles State Convention

Uniforms:  1937 – Blue Slacks, Red blouses, White Military caps








Knights of Pythias – Roseburg, OR

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

Established: 1940 as the Pepsi-Cola Girls

1943: Renamed corps after their new sponsor, the Knights of Pythias

Sponsor: Knights of Pythias Alpha Lodge No. 47 of Roseburg OR


1940 – 1941 JD Gillmore

1942 – 1968? Bill Black, formerly director of the Roseburg Jr Eagles DC 1940 – 1944

Last Documentation: 1968

Disbanded: Sometime after 1968

Colors: Blue & White

Photo: 1964




Honorary PNW Corps


Belles of St. Maries – St. Maries, Idaho

Junior American Legion D&BC

American Legion Post #2, St. Maries ID

Corps Established: Unknown

Earliest Documentation: 1939 Idaho AL State Convention

Mgr./Director: O.W. Cromwell (1940)

Idaho AL State Convention Jr. Champions: 1939 and 1940

Last Documentation: December 1940 Spokesman-Review article

Disbanded: Unknown

Photo: 1939








Young People’s DemocratsYellowstone County, Montana

Junior D&BC

Covering Yellowstone County, Montana

Known years – 1934