On this Page we Explore the Relationships

Between Drum Corps in the Pacific Northwest



Drum Corps Hand-Me-Downs

As in any family, drum corps pass down their equipment to newly formed corps, or to those in need. 

Helping out your fellow drum corps is what we do.  It’s part of drum corps life.

The list below illustrates our penchant for helping new drum corps get established.





Pacific NW Drum Corps Family Tree

We read in a Drum Corps World issue from the early 1960’s that the Seattle Hurricanes Sr D&BC (1927 – 1966) could be called the “Grandaddy” of all Seattle drum corps.  The context in which it was written, they meant it was one of the oldest.  But that got us thinking; what does our local drum corps family tree look like?  An interesting thought and an interesting project (if you’re a drum corps geek like we are).

According to our research, Seattle Hurricane members directly spawned eight junior corps. 

You will see a list of drum corps below that you may never have heard of, but the names of people from those corps will be familiar, especially if your hair is a bit on the grey side.


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PNW DC Family Tree


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