July 14, 1961

CYO Shamrocks Music in Motion Show

L to R: CYO Shamrocks, Blue Knights Sr, Thunderbirds, Hurricanes Sr




July 14, 1961

CYO Shamrocks Music in Motion Show

Drum Majors L to R: Blue Knights Sr, Hurricanes Sr, Trophy Presenter, Hurricanes Sr, Thunderbirds, CYO Shamrocks

Background: CYO Shamrocks on the left in the white skirts & shamrock flags.  Hurricanes on the right, dressed in black & silver with white lightening bolts.




July 14, 1961

CYO Shamrocks Music in Motion Show

Thunderbirds at left, Shamrocks at right, Hurricanes DM at right wearing the lightning bolts




June 23, 1962

Washington State VFW Championships at Walla Walla, Washington

L to R: Pasco Columbians, (unknown unit), Seattle Shamrocks, Seattle Thunderbirds, Renton Blue Angels (far right not shown)

Note: The Troopers marched exhibition and did not appear in this retreat photo.  Please see 1962 Walla Walla show page for more photos




August 28, 1963

VFW Nationals at the Seattle Center




January 21, 1967

Salem Optirama Awards Ceremony

From left to right: Seattle Wilson color guard, Seattle Cascade Cadets, Seattle Thunderbirds (2), Queens Own Rifles Sr. Victoria BC Canada, Portland Leathernecks Sr, Longview-Kelso Mustangs, Portland Hawks, Portland Imperial Cadets (2), Seattle Bell-Airs, Seattle Shamrocks color guard, Salem Flamingos DM, Salem Flamingos color guard (1), Salem Flamingos color guard (2), Salem Flamingos Cadet color guard (2), Portland Nomads color guard, Portland Royal Lancers (2), and Seattle Shamrocks receiving an award out front.




1968 Unknown Show

L to R: Imperial Cadets (Portland, OR), Great Falls AL Jr D&BC (Golden Skyliners), Titans (Bremerton, WA), Columbians (Tri-Cities, WA)

Show year is based on: 1968 was the Titans first year, the Columbians did not field a corps in 1969 or ’70,

and the Imperial Cadets had different uniforms in 1966 & ’67.




1971 or 1972 Unknown Show

Corps L to R: Black Watch, Strutters, Cascades, Shamrocks, Sunsetters, Imperial Cadets, Spartans

Unknown year and event.  The Black Watch were formed in 1971, both the Sunsetters & Imperial Cadets last year was 1972.

Can you identify this show?



1972 – Unknown Show

Left to Right: Drifters, Seattle Cascades, Titans, Sentinels, Hawks



July 22, 1973

Music in Motion (Shamrocks) show

Drum Majors L to R: Hawks, Patriots (2), Flamingos, Sentinels, Titans, Shamrocks, Cascades, Conquistadors, Black Watch, Escadrille




Corps L to R: Hawks, Titans, Shamrocks, Strutters, Patriots (on the 50), Black Watch, Columbians, Sentinels, Flamingos, Cascades, Unknown

Additional photo below



September 1, 1973

NWDCA Championships in Burien WA

Corps L to R: Titans, Shamrocks, Strutters, Patriots, Black Watch, Columbians, Sentinels, Flamingos, Cascades

Drum Majors L to R: Titans, Escadrille, Hawks, Spartans, Golden Skyliners (2), Shamrocks, Strutters (2), Patriots,

Black Watch, Sentinels, Columbians, Cascades, Flamingos, Rangers, Royal Lancers



September 1, 1973

NWDCA Championships in Burien WA

American Sections L to R:  Portland Hawks, Seattle Cascades, Spokane Patriots, Bremerton Titans, Tri-Cities Columbians



June 30, 1974

Brazen Brass – Bellevue Sentinels Show in Renton Washington

Corps from the left: Unknown, Sentinels, Columbians, Flamingos, Cascades

DM’s L to R: Oregon Crusaders, Knight Raiders, Strutters (2), Klondike, Blue Devils-B, Hawks, Freelancers, 

Sentinels, Columbians, Flamingos, Cascades, Imperials, Shamrocks (2), Black Watch (2)


March 14, 2021 Update

Just figured out where this show was from.  The clue is the airplanes in the upper LH corner of the photo. 

That, and matching up the drum majors with the score sheet show participants, clinched it.

Names in red were the DMs in question.  Now they are correct.



This photo is also of the June 30, 1974 Brazen Brass show in Renton (above in color)

From far left: Hawks, Unknown, Sentinels, Columbians, Flamingos, Cascades, unknown




August 25, 1976

Seattle Cascades Show Retreat Diagram

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1975 or ’76 Unknown Show

Milwaukie Union HS Stadium, Milwaukie Oregon
Left to Right: Seattle Cascades (WA), Bremerton Titans (WA), Portland Third Regiment (OR)