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Falcons – Athena-Weston, OR

Established: October 22, 1959 37

AKA: Athena-Helix-Weston Falcons, Falcons Jr.,

Adams-Athena-Weston Falcons

Founder/Manager/Director: 1959 – Lee Allen (see Pendleton Rangers) 37

Manager/Director: 1964 – Lyle Shields

Last Documentation: 1967 16

Last Known Field Show: 1964 DCX

Disbanded: 1966?

Uniforms: Light blue blouses & shakos.  Also listed as Red, White & Blue.


The 1960 US Census lists the three cities of Athena (950), Helix (148), and Weston (873) with a total population of 1,881 people.  Small town America right here folks.


From a 1960s Eastern Oregon corps member:  “Parades in the small eastern Oregon towns were always short and sweet.  We did a parade in Weston one year, which was an experience in itself, as the town (just a stone’s throw away from Athena) is basically built around a state highway.  People were always appreciative in those small towns of [our] appearances, and always thanked us with comments like: ‘The best band I’ve seen in years.’ “


Editor’s note – No matter how long you’ve been in drum corps, you’ll always hear people refer to us as “bands”.  Grrrr…  At one time there was a difference.  Now days (2021) there is less of a difference with the transition to trombones, three-valve instruments, props, costumes, and the like.  It’s a moot point now.  “Band”?  Yes.




The Baker Scouts – Baker, OR 1

Established: 1952

AKA: Baker Boy Scouts, Baker Explorer Scouts, Baker Elks

Founder: Jack Lew

Sponsored by: Baker Elks Lodge #338

Last Documentation: 2003

Last Field Show: 1964 (verification needed)

1965: Converted to a parade corps

1975: Reorganized into a senior parade corps

Disbanded: Still active as of 2019

Photo: ca 1955

Uniforms: Typical for the era Explorer Scout Uniforms


1960 US Census lists Baker with a population of 9,986.




Pendleton Drum Corps – A Short History

A synopsis of Pendleton drum corps from 1925 thru 1973



The Rangers – Pendleton, OR 1

Established: November 1963

AKA: The Rangers of Eastern Oregon

Founder: Lee Allen51


1964 – Lee Allen (Former founder/director of the Athena-Weston Falcons)

Lee Allen passed away in 1965.

1966 thru 1972 – Ted White (Former drum major Pendleton Sr corps)

Manager: George Grieve (1964)

Horn Instructor: Ted White (1963 – 1971)

Home Show: “Round-up-Arama”, first held July 16, 1971

Disbanded: 19745


1960 US Census lists Pendleton with a population of 14,434.






 Pendleton Sr. – Pendleton, OR 10

AKA: Pendleton Cowboys

Established: 1955 or 1956

Mostly a “Parade corps”

Earliest Documentation:  July 29, 1956 Halftime Show

President: Ralph Isackson (1960)

Director: Ted White (1960)

Drum Major: Ted White 1956 – 1963

[Ted would go on to be the director & horn instructor for the Rangers]

Drum Instructor: Roger Allen (1964) – Father is founder/director of Pendleton Rangers

Last Documentation: 1963 Oregon AL Championships

Last, Last Documentation:  1971 newspaper article.

Disbanded: 1963 or 1964

Photo – ca1960