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Edmonton Strutters – Edmonton, Alberta 5

Established: 1963 as the Molson’s Klondike D&BC

Director: Harry Ligtvoet (1973)

President: Milt Harke (1973)

1967: Now known as

Edmonton Eskimo Wink Strutters Marching Band

1969: Now called Edmonton Strutters

1977: Changed name to 1st Canadian Regiment

1977 – 1987: See 1st Canadian Regiment

1988: Re-named the Edmonton Strutters

1999: New Green, white & black uniforms

2004: Merged with the “Calgary Alliance Elite” to form the “Fusion”

2005: Back to being the Strutters.

2005 – 2007: Did not field a corps, but had a winter guard.

2008 – 2010:  Restructured their organization twice.  Did not field a corps.

Highest DCI Ranking prior to 1999: 1990 Class A60 Prelims, 9th

Disbanded: 2010 or 2014.  More data needed.

Colors: Molson’s Klondike – red, white & blue.  Edmonton Eskimos – green & gold






1st Canadian Regiment – Edmonton, Alberta

Established: 1977 (Formerly the Strutters)

Director: Hank Buehler

1984: Merged with the Calgary Cavaliers to form the 1st Canadian Cavaliers.

1985 – 1987: Re-named the 1st Canadian Regiment.

1988: Re-named The Edmonton Strutters (wiki)

Highest DCI Ranking: 1979 Open Class Prelims, 38th










Alberta All-Girl Drum & Bugle Band (D&BB) – Edmonton, Alberta

Established: 1970

Founded by: Bob Nagel

Director: Bob Nagel

Last Documentation: 1977 Edmonton Journal

Highest DCI Ranking: 1975 Class-A Prelims, 7th

Disbanded: End of 1977

See “Canadian Confusion” page














Edmonton All-Girl Drum & Bugle Band (D&BB) – Edmonton, Alberta

Established: September 1966

Founded by: Bob Nagel


Bob Nagel (1966 – 1969).  In 1970 Mr. Nagel founded the Alberta All-Girl D&BB

Don Harris (1970 – ?)

1975: Changed name to: Edmonton All-Girl Marching Ambassadors

Disbanded: 2000

See “Canadian Confusion” page








Edmonton Klondike Boys D&BB – Edmonton, Alberta 12, 36

An outgrowth of the Alberta All-Boys Drum & Bugle Band that folded in December 1971,

which was also founded by Bob Nagel, founder of Alberta & Edmonton All-Girls D&B Bands.

Established: January 1972.  All-boy corps

Director: Andy Anderson

Music Director: Wendy Grasdal

1974: Went co-ed. Changed name to “Klondike”

1976: Changed name to Canadian Royal Aires

Corps colors: Purple uniforms (pre-1975)

Photo: 1975












Edmonton Sabers – Edmonton, Alberta

Founded: 1977

Director / Manager: J. O’Neill

Parade corps – 12–15-year-olds

Last documentation: 1980 Montana

1981 thru 1985 – No Data

1986: Reformed as a junior marching band










Canadian Royal Aires – Edmonton, Alberta

Established: 1976

Formerly known as: Klondike

Last known field show: 1980’s

Highest DCI Ranking: 1976 Class-A Prelims, 15th

Disbanded: unknown









Red & White Aires – Calgary, Alberta 13, 5

Established: October 1970.  All-girl corps

Director: Don Brown (1973)

First Field Show: 1972 27

Last Documentation: 1973

1974: Went co-ed & changed name to Calgary Cavaliers

Photo: 1973









Calgary Cavaliers – Calgary, Alberta

Established: 1974

Formerly the Red & White Aires

Director: Mac Pittman

1984: Merged with the 1st Canadian Regiment to form the 1st Canadian Cavaliers.

1985: Separated from the 1st Canadian Cavaliers

Last known field show: 1989

See the 1st Canadian Regiment

Disbanded: unknown

Photo: July 1989






Canadian Cavaliers – Vancouver, British Columbia

Established: September 1968

Director: Lee Kallen

Member recruitment started in September 1967.

Canada’s only Japanese Drum & Bugle Corps (at that time)

AKA: Drum, Bugle and Baton Corps

Active in the PNW drum corps scene in 1970 and 1971.

1972: Changed to a parade corps

Last known Documentation: 1983 Nanaimo parade – first place








Drifters – Surrey, British Columbia

Established: January 1970 5

Director: Stewart Liddell

1971: Cadence and Sound (July 24) is their first field show

1971 NWDCA Class-C Champions

Last Documentation: 1978

1979: Changed name to Pacific Blue

Photo: ca 1972










Pacific Blue – Surrey, British Columbia

Established: January 1979

Formerly the Drifters

Last Documentation: 1985 DCI Class A-60 Championships

Disbanded: Mid/late 1980’s

Highest DCI Ranking: 1980 Class-A Prelims, 20th

Photo: 1980









Pacificaires – Surrey, British Columbia

Established: March 4, 1978

Director / Manager: Alan Dyke

1980: Music program changed to a “district band” format containing junior and senior bands with two color guards.

April 4, 1985: Merged with the Brassmen D&BC of Whatcom County to form the Pacificaires D&BC.

1987: D&BC disbands.  Pacificaires return to being a “district band” with color guard activities

Photo: 1986 in Marion Ohio









Sunrisers – Delta, British Columbia

Established: Unknown

Last Documentation: 1973 13

Disbanded: unknown






Vernon Girls Cadet Band – Vernon, British Columbia

Junior Drum & Bugle Corps

AKA: 1955 Vernon Girls Cadet Trumpet Band

          1957 Vernon Girls Trumpet Band

Corps Established: Unknown

Earliest Documentation: 1952 Pacific National Exhibition Parade

Manager / Director: Robert (Bob) Hodgson.  AKA: Sgt Maj R.W. Hodgson

Drum Major: 1955 – Phyllis Hodgson

1957: Renamed the Vernon Girls Trumpet Band

1962: Music in Motion show & Seafair Parade.

1963: Wenatchee Apple Blossom parade

1964: Placed first in Seafair Parade

Last Documentation: 1964 May Day Parade (Canada)

Disbanded: Unknown

Photo: August 1st, 1959 Seafair Parade







Richmond Ambassadors – Richmond, British Columbia 23

Established: February 1967

AKA: The BC Ambassadors

Manage/Founder: Jim McCorkell

Co-Founder/Director: Gordon Lindsay

Last Documentation:  June 1970 “Brazen Brass” show

Disbanded: Early 1970s

Photo: February 1970


[Are these the old Seattle Hurricanes uniforms???  Silver and black.  Different shakos, but same uni’s]