Honorary PNW Corps

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Honorary PNW Pre-1960s Corps


The corps listed on this page were active in the Pacific Northwest drum corps scene during the 60s and 70s.





The Golden Skyliners – Great Falls, Montana

Established: October 11, 1952

Where: American Legion Post #3, Great Falls MT

Director/Manager: Del Thurber (1952 – 1976)

1952: Known as – The American Legion Junior Drum & Bugle Corps of 

Loy J. Molumby Post #3, Great Falls (or any variation thereof)

1960-61: Did not field a corps47

1968: Now called the Golden Skyliners Jr D&BC of AL Post #3

Montana State Junior Drum Corps Champions in 1953, 54, and 1956 thru 1959

Disbanded: 1982

The Golden Skyliners were ever present on the PNW drum corps

scene in the 1970’s and were a member of the NWDCA.

Photo:  1969 or ’70



Great Falls Scouts – Great Falls, Montana

Explorer Post #21

Established: January 1961

Sponsor: Boy Scouts of America

Musical Director: Lloyd Murray

M&M Instructor: Captain Ted Simmons, USAF

At the time, only one of two Boy Scout drum corps in the PNW.

PNW Drum Corps Activities

1962: August 18th “Pacific National Exhibition” in Vancouver BC

1962: August 24th Performance at the World’s Fair in Seattle Washington.

1962: August 25th “The Angels Sing” DC Competition in Renton, WA.

Last known Documentation:

December 1963 Great Falls Tribune article about seeking new sponsorship for the 1964 season.  Since there is no further news coverage of this unit, we can assume that sponsors for 1964 were not found and the corps closed shop.

Disbanded: Early 1964






Big Sky Reveliers – Billings, Montana

Established: 1969 5

Director: Leonard Droste

Last Documentation: 1973 13

Disbanded: End of 1973 (verification needed)

Photo: 1971

Colors: White Shirts, blue jeans, blue & green flags











Corps of the North – Fairbanks, Alaska

Established: 1963

Founder/Director: Dave Shaw – Former Garfield Cadets member31  

Manager: Ronald E. Rizzi

Last documentation: 19641

Disbanded: unknown


Corps of the North was a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The corps competed in the 1963 VFW Nationals in Seattle, finishing 17th and last in the junior prelims.

Due to the March 27, 1964 Alaskan earthquake, the corps did not field a show, but rather spent the year raising money to support earthquake victims.

Phantom Menace Regiment