Senior Corps

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Canadian Senior Corps


BC Regiment – Vancouver BC, Canada 19

Established: 1883

Commander: Lt. Col. David L. Vaughan

First Documentation: 1964 19

Last Documentation: 1965 (March 20 news article)

Disbanded: Unknown

Photo: 1964 Thunderbirds show program








Commonwealth Frontiersmen – Surrey BC, Canada 5

Established: November 1, 1965

Formerly “The Dynamics” of Vancouver BC

Director: Lt. W.E. Jones

Manager: Sgt J.F. McCorkell

Last Documentation: July 30, 1966 “Music in Motion” show

Disbanded: unknown

All members and staff were active military







Linksmen – Westminster BC, Canada 23

Manager: Bill Jones

Established: 1966 (Verification needed)

Sponsors of the NW International Championships show

Last Documentation: 1967

Disbanded: Unknown

Parent corps to the Richmond Ambassadors Jr. corps of Richmond, BC





Queen’s Own Rifles – Victoria BC, Canada 16

Established: April 26th, 1860

Manager: Canadian Government

Last Documentation: 1967 Salem Optirama

Disbanded: unknown









Washington State Senior Corps


Black Hawks – Auburn, WA 18

Established: 1927 as the Auburn Post #78 American Legion Drum Corps,

Eight-time Washington State Sr American Legion Champions

Renamed the Blackhawks: Late 1960 39

First Documentation: December 1960 DC World –

Auburn Post #78 chose “Blackhawks” as their new name.

Manager: Bob Powers

Last Documentation: 1963 18

Disbanded: 1962 42

Photo: 1960










The Blue Knights – Everett, WA 1

Established: 1945

AKA: American Legion, Earl Faulkner Post #6 D&BC

Washington State American Legion Champions 1964 thru 1967

Manager: Forrest Maxson (1962)

Last Documentation: 1967 Wash State DC Association Sr. Champions 

Disbanded: later than 1967

Photo: 1964











Falcons Sr. – Bellingham, WA 18

Established: 1920’s (verification needed)

AKA: American Legion, Albert j. Hamilton Post #7 D&BC, Fighting Falcons, Flying Falcons

Wash State American Legion Champions

Manager: George Marus (ca 1961)

Last Documentation: 1963

Disbanded: 1963 (DCN May 22, 1963)





The Grenadiers – Bremerton, WA

Established: 1953

AKA: VFW 4th District, Kitsap County D&BC

Co-Founder: Jack Avery

Music Director: Jack Avery (1953)

Washington State VFW Sr. Champions: 1959 thru 1962

Washington State American Legion Sr Champions: 1970

Last Field Show: 1970 15

Last Documentation: 1982 New Westminster BC Parade

Disbanded: unknown

Photo – 1970





The Hurricanes – Seattle, WA 1

Established: 1927. Colors black & white

AKA: American Legion, University Post #11 D&BC

Wash State American Legion Champions in:

1937, 38, 51, 53, 59, 60, 62, and 1963.

Noted members:

Jack Avery – Director/Horn instructor, Seattle Thunderbirds & Cascades

John Broderick – Director/ Drum instructor, Seattle Shamrocks

Mike Stefanowicz – Drum instructor, Thunderbirds

Frank Sousa – Director, Renton Blue Angels

Fred Lopez – Director, Marauders. Director 1970 Thunderbirds

Ray Frederickson – Music Director, the Bell-Airs. Asst. Mgr., Shamrocks

Bob Aklin – Drum instructor, The Bell-Airs

Jerry Chambers – Founder / Director, El Toreador

Manager: Warren Bagby (1964)

Director: Jack Avery (1948 – 1964)

Drum Instructor: John Broderick (1964)

Last Documentation: 1965 5

Disbanded: unknown

Photo: 1964 Thunderbirds Program




Nile Temple – Seattle, WA

Established: ca1949

Director: Jack Avery (Seattle Thunderbirds) 1949 thru 1954

Last Documentation: 1973

Parade corps only.

Photo: 1950 in California








Renton Eagles – Renton, WA 18

Established: 1954

AKA: Fraternal Order of Eagles, Post #1722

Manager: Marice Scalette, Mario Spillato (1960)

Five-time Washington State Eagles Drum Corps Champions 1956 – 1960

1961: National Eagles DC Champion (held in Minneapolis Minnesota)

Last Documentation: 1963

Disbanded: After 1963

Photo – 1956 Santa Claus Parade in Tacoma







Sedro-Woolley – Sedro-Woolley, WA 18

Established: 1926

AKA: American Legion, Sedro-Woolley Post #43 D&BC

Manager: Unknown

First Documentation: 1961 TB Mid-winter Show

First Field Show: 1962

Last Documentation: 1963

Disbanded: Unknown, but probably ca 1963

Uniforms: Blue and white




Wenatchee Appleknockers – Wenatchee, WA 18

Established: Unknown.  Sometime after 1919.

AKA: American Legion, Wenatchee Post #10 40

AKA: Pippins – August 1962 Washington State AL Championships 41

Earliest Known Documentation: August 1925 Port Angeles Parade

Washington State AL Champions in 1941, 42, 47, 49, 50, 52, 54, and 1958

Manager: Gordon Isaacson

Last Documentation: 1963

Last Known Show: August 9, 1963.  American Legion State in Yakima, WA

Disbanded: 1963

(For those of us on the west side of the state, an apple knocker is a person who picks apples and a Pippin is a type of apple.  Both of which make a perfect name for a corps in eastern Washington, where apples and Wenatchee are both located)




Oregon State Senior Corps

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The Baker Scouts – Baker, OR 1

Established: 1952 as a Jr corps

Last Documentation: 2003

Last Field Show: 1964 (verification needed)

1965: Converted to a parade corps

1975: Reorganized into a senior parade corps

Disbanded: Still current (2019)

Photo: 1964 Thunderbirds show program







Leathernecks – Portland, OR 1      

Established: 1955

AKA: American Legion Post #169

All members are (in 1955) ex-Marines, hence: “Leathernecks”

Manager: Bruce Plumb (1955).  

Bruce Plumb would later be the Director of the

Portland Hawks & Royal Lancers

Music Director: Don Bradley

Home Show: Drumkhana. First show June 6, 1964

Last Documentation: January 21, 1967 – Salem Optirama

Disbanded: Post-1967

Photo: 1964 Thunderbirds show program





Pendleton Sr. – Pendleton, OR 10

AKA: Pendleton Cowboys

Established: Unknown.  Mostly a “Parade Corps”

Earliest Documentation:  July 29, 1956 Halftime Show

President: Ralph Isackson (1960)

Director: Ted White (1960)

Drum Major: Ted White 1956 thru 1963

[Ted would go on to be the director & horn instructor for the Rangers]

Drum Instructor: Roger Allen (1964) – Father was founder/director of Pendleton Rangers Jr D&BC

Last Documentation: 1963 Oregon AL Championships

Last, Last Documentation:  1971 newspaper article.

Disbanded: 1963 or 1964

Photo – July 4th, 1960 at Borleske Stadium

Uniforms: Red with white hats, belts and dickies