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This Site Was Created to Help Document and Celebrate Pacific NW Drum Corps of the 1960’s and 70’s.


We hope that we have faithfully captured the significant drum corps activities that were happening around us in our youth. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all drum corps, but rather a list of active PNW corps at the time.

Our goal is to let period publications speak to the corps history, as conflicting memories and six-plus decades have passed since some of us have marched. Comments and observations are always welcome.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit show programs, photos, tally sheets, scores, or other documentation. All submissions would be appreciated and added to the digital collection as appropriate. 

Let’s talk about your corps documents for a moment; before you send them to DCX or the recycle bin, send us a pdf and we will post them on this site for everybody to see. If there are extraneous marks or personal notations on them, no problem. We can clean them up in Photoshop without harming the original.

Minimally, all submissions should include the corps name and year. Additional data like the full date and the event, would help create a chronological record for that particular corps.

If you have a better, or more complete copy of a show program already on this site, please let us know, and we will gratefully update our data.  (“Show Programs” link is in the header above)

If you are not able to create electronic copies of your data (jpg, pdf, doc), contact us, we can do it for you.

Attributions of your submissions will gladly be made upon request.

Use “Contact Us” in the header above to send us an email.


We are a Seattle based website.  We grew up in the PNW, we marched in the PNW, and we care about our Shared Drum Corps History.

We are YOU.


Thank You for Helping Preserve our Drum Corps Heritage.



This site is unaffiliated with any other individual, organization, or internet presence and reserves the right to present all submitted material in any matter consistent with the site’s mission statement and the whims of the webmaster.  Enjoy!

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