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The post WWII years were tough on drum corps and America in general, until the economy picked-up steam in the early 1950s.

Why the big drop between 1939 and 1942?  Re-enlistments?  The draft??  We do not know.  





Washington State has always had a much larger population than Oregon (38% larger according to the 1960 US Census).

A larger population means more opportunities and resources for drum corps formation as seen above.




As you can see by the chart above, senior corps (American Legion and VFW chief among them) ruled the planet from the beginning of time through 1961, then they all disappeared within a ten-year span.  Coincidentally, junior drum corps declined at almost the same rate 11-years later.

Senior corps still exist on the east coast and elsewhere.  Go Caballeros!





Total PNW Drum Corps population from 1917 thru 2021 is approximately 148 unique corps.

Add-in the Honorary PNW corps from Idaho and Montana, which population is roughly 20+.



The actual number of PNW drum corps may never be known, but we have made a good faith effort to document as many corps as possible. 

All the data presented above has been extracted from this site and should be a very good representation of what actually occurred in the local

 drum corps scene between 1917 and 2021.