The Seattle Hurricanes, American Legion (University) Post #11, Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps

1927 – 1966

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History –

The Hurricanes were organized in 1927 and have been Washington State Senior AL Champions eight times in 1937-38, 1951, 1953, 1959-60, and 1962-63.  They have participated in hundreds of ceremonies, parades and competitions around the Pacific Northwest.

The Hurricanes were probably the most devoted and active of the senior corps and its members have aided in the formation of Junior Drum & Bugle Corps. This Corps could well be called the “daddy” of the Seattle Junior Corps.


Notable Hurricane members and the junior corps were affiliated with:

Jack Avery – Founder/Director/Horn instructor, Seattle Thunderbirds, Thunderbird Cadets, and Seattle Cascades.  Jack Avery was also the Director of the Hurricanes from 1948 thru 1962, Director of the Nile Temple Sr D&BC from 1949 thru 1954, Director of the Seattle DeMolay Jr D&BC in 1951, and instructor of the Bremerton Grenadiers Sr. D&BC in 1953 and marching member (baritone) of the same from 1966 thru 1972 (?).

John Broderick – Founder/Director/ Drum instructor, Seattle CYO Squires and Shamrocks

Mike Stefanowicz – Drum instructor, Thunderbirds and Hurricanes

Frank Sousa – Founder/Director, Renton Blue Angels

Fred Lopez – Director 1970 Thunderbirds and 1979 -? Marauders.

Ray Frederickson – Music Director, the Bell-Airs. Asst. Mgr., Shamrocks

Bob Aklin – Drum instructor, The Bell-Airs




1937 Washington State American Legion Convention Pin

Drum Corps Show won by – Seattle University Post #11, AKA: Hurricanes








Squint, and you can see the Hurricanes’ pants in the background!


RANDOM TRIVIA – Our corps Director in the 1970’s would call a baton girl to lead us in parades.  At the time I thought, what the heck?  But now I see that our Director was just old school.  Kinda neat.




1955 Hurricanes









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1961 Retreat.  L to R – Blue Knights Sr, Hurricanes Sr, Trophy Presenter, Hurricanes Sr, Thunderbirds, Shamrocks