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The Pendleton Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps staging for a parade in 1956.  


Ted White (far right, next to the snare drummer) was the drum major of the Pendleton Sr. corps from 1956 until their end in 1963.  He was also the corps Director from 1960 thru 1963 (est).  The last known documentation of the Pendleton Sr. Corps was the August 13, 1963 Oregon State American Legion Championships, where they came in second to the Leathernecks of Portland Oregon.

In the fall of 1963, Ted White, Lee Allen, and others formed the Pendleton Rangers Jr Drum & Bugle Corps.  Ted was the horn instructor from 1963 thru 1971 (est), and the Director from 1965 thru 1972.  The Rangers disbanded after the 1973 season.

Bryan Branstetter (far left, next to the snare drummer) was the Secretary Treasurer of the senior corps.  He also appears in the 1971 article (bottom of this page) presenting the Pendleton Sr. check to the Rangers.


Names of corps members:  Kenneth Wright, Dean Fouquette, Bob Simonton, Fred Searcy, Leve McPherson, Ed Redfield, Clay Balance, Ted White, George Martin, Juliues Miltenberger, Bob Critchlow, Bob White, Lester Dessler, Tom Ryder, Dean Bush, Tad Neilson, Jerry Arbogast, Lauren Wright, Roy Lewis, Dick Goodin, Ray APowell, Walter Hill, Frank Adams, Cloid Stewart, Ralph Isackson, Matt Svelich, Bill Steagall, Larry Turnbull, Glen Walker, Roger Brandhagen, Morris Bruce.


Photo courtesy of the Umatilla County Historical Society Museum




There were two parades during Pendleton Round-Up.  The first parade was the “Dress Up” parade which was held at night. 

The second parade was the “Westward Ho” parade which was held on a Friday morning.  The photo above is from that parade. 

The year is unknown, but it would be anywhere from 1950 thru 1963.

This is the only known color photo of this corps that we’ve seen.  FLASHY!




1959 in Walla Walla WA



c. 1960







The photos below are from the Fourth of July event described in the article above.


1960 Pendleton

1960 Pendleton

1960 Pendleton

1960 Pendleton


Bygone Walla Walla: vintage images of the City and County ...


Neka • Fireworks at Borleske Stadium, July 4th 1960. File...





The Pendleton Sr corps closing their books and donating the proceeds to the Rangers Jr Drum & Bugle Corps.

Bryan Branstetter on the right.

(BTW $2,514.35 is equal to $17,253.36 in 2022 dollars)