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July 1962 DC World – Troopers

July 11, 1962 DCN – Inviting the Troopers to the Walla Walla show

June 23, 1962 – Washington State VFW Championships @ Walla Walla, WA

August 29, 1962 Music in Motion   (For more about the Indianhead Scouts) 



1962 Seattle World’s Fair record produced by the Seattle Thunderbirds.

This was not a drum corps competition at the fair, but a compilation of recordings of individual corps that performed at the fair from June through August 1962.

Please read the July 1962 Drum Corps World article above about the Troopers’ (Casper, WY) experience at the fair.


    Listed in no particular order:

Junior Corps

Thunderbirds                           Seattle, WA

Shamrocks                               Seattle, WA

Great Falls Scouts                   Great Falls, MT

Indianhead Council Scouts   St. Paul, MN

Troopers                                   Casper, WY

Blue Angels                               Renton, WA

Tri-City Columbians                 Pasco, WA

Senior Corps

Hurricanes                                Seattle, WA

Blue Knights                             Everett, WA



The Indianhead Scouts went on to win the Seattle Shamrocks Music in Motion show on

July 29th and the Seafair Grand Parade on August 4th




Appearing at the World’s Fair…



Shamrocks, Seattle WA


Century 21 was the Theme for the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle



Columbians, Pasco WA

Troopers, Casper Wyoming


Longview-Kelso Corps, WA


Blue Angels, Renton WA



Indianhead Council Scouts, St Paul MN



Great Falls Scouts



Blue Knights Sr, Everett WA


Hurricanes Sr, Seattle WA