Every marching unit has its own unique banner.  It announces who the next unit is, where they are from, and who their sponsor is.  I didn’t get the chance to see many back in the day.  We were too busy loading / unloading, marching / playing, to just stand idle and watch other units and their banners go by.

50+ years later, I finally get to see what other corps were using to announce their arrival.  It’s an important piece of advertising.  It sets the tone of the unit that follows.  Some are regimental, some are splashy, and some are…underwhelming.

Choose your favorite below, if you can.

Have a banner photo you want to share?  Send us a jpg.  It’s that simple.





Longview-Kelso, Washington



1958 Greenwood Boys Club D&BC

Seattle, Washington

Later known as – The Seattle Thunderbirds




1961 Athena-Weston Falcons (Oregon)




1962 Seattle Thunderbirds Marching with their VFW Banner


1963 – 68 Thunderbirds – Seattle, Washington




1963 Tri-Cities Columbians, Washington



1960s Percussion Nauts.  [Later known as the Patriots]

Spokane, Washington




Longview-Kelso, Washington





1966 – 1969 – Cascade Cadets                                    1970 Seattle Cascades                                    1971 thru Mid 1990s

Seattle, Washington




1966 Longview Mustangs – Longview, Washington




1968 Optimist Flamingos – Salem, Oregon






1969 Imperial Cadets – Portland, Oregon





1969 Royal Lancers – Portland, Oregon

September 1969

Sentinels – Bellevue, Washington




1971 Big Sky Reveliers – Billings, Montana




1973 Alberta Girls – Alberta BC, Canada




1973 Escadrille – Salem, Oregon




1974 Shamrocks – Seattle, Washington




1970s Renaissance – Spokane, Washington



2014 Thunder (Formerly “Spokane Thunder”)

Spokane Washington




2016 Seattle Cascades, Washington




July 4, 2019

Tri-Cities Columbians, Washington





Pacific Alliance Sr Drum Corps



******Drill Teams******





1969 La Senoritas Drill Team – Seattle, Washington




2013 North Queens Drill Team – Seattle, Washington





2015 Ballard Eagles Drill Team – Seattle, Washington

(This banner probably dates back to the early 1970s)